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Custom CNC Machine Design
Brian KennedyMar 28, 2023 7:30:00 AM3 min read

The Benefits of Custom CNC Machine Design

CNC machines are revolutionizing the machining industry with their precision and production efficiency. Custom CNC machine design is taking these benefits to the next level with more specialized machine capabilities to meet users' unique and specific needs. Custom CNC machine design is precisely what it sounds like; a CNC-controlled machine made specifically to fulfill a customer's operations. 

More than ever, custom CNC machine design is aligning with the standards of industry 4.0 through interconnectivity to automate and improve machine processes. Various special machine tools can be manufactured with custom CNC machine design including metal cutting of various forms, milling, drilling, lathes, abrasive engineering, and more. 

The Benefits of Custom CNC Machine Design for Machining Operations

Custom CNC machines are highly effective for engineers looking to achieve specific manufacturing requirements. The biggest advantage of these machines is that they can be fully customized to improve the overall operational effectiveness (OOE) of a machining process. Custom CNC machines offer greater flexibility from a control standpoint for users combining mechanical and functional design. Operator’s screens can be tailored to the machine’s unique processes and fault diagnostics.

There are several factors that can be customized in a CNC machine design including: 

  • Design. This includes various design considerations such as the size, length, and weight of the workpiece.
  • Automation. Automation can be incorporated into custom CNC machine design to enhance safety features to protect and remove operators from potential hazards.
  • Functionality. Various features can be incorporated such as rotation and oscillation around the workpiece to achieve specific surface finishes. As well as meeting tolerance requirements.
  • Traceability. Custom CNC machines can be interfaced throughout the factory so that every workpiece has traceability that went through a particular piece of equipment, specific fixture.

Is Custom CNC Machine Design a Good Fit For You

A custom CNC machine is a special-purpose machine that tightly fits a customer's needs and provides a level of flexibility that is not available with standard machines. Custom CNC machines are typically required when a task can’t efficiently be completed by a human being, as a solution to a new process that can’t be done without a custom machine, or that would require manual interference, which is what you want to avoid. 

A Custom CNC Machine may be beneficial for you if you are looking to increase:

Operator Safety. Safety is always a top concern when dealing with complex machinery and equipment, and often, there’s a lack of individuals with the experience and knowledge to manage the heavy lifting of these machines. There is less reliance on available skill sets when a custom CNC machine tool can perform the duties without risk. 

Production Throughput. When there is a need to produce more than is possible, custom CNC machines can significantly improve production time and efficiency. Using an automated process, manufacturers can reduce the need for manual labor, increase production capacity, and reduce cost by increasing operational efficiency (OE). 

Part Quality. Custom CNC machines repeatedly produce parts of quality and precision. In some cases, a part can’t be manufactured manually. And if it can, it may not be of the same quality as one produced with a special machine tool. 

Ingersoll CM Systems Custom CNC Machine Design Process

To perform custom CNC machining, a manufacturer first needs a custom CNC machine made. At Ingersoll CM Systems, we can make that happen. We provide full in-house engineering and design capabilities, including mechanical design, fixturing design, process design, and control system design. 

With our customer's goals in mind, our engineers and designers will manufacture a special machine to solve the processing and production issues at hand. We provide a personalized experience for our customers from initial design, installation, after-sale services, and training so our customers can experience all that a custom CNC machine has to offer. A tailored solution specific to your needs.

Brian Kennedy

I lead teams of engineers, designers, and technicians to deliver innovative solutions for complex and challenging projects in various industries. I have a proven track record of managing multiple programs, contracts, and customers, while ensuring quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.